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Saint Martin Map Print

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It's French it's Dutch it's neither it's both. Euros for sweet cocktails on white sand beaches.

The contentious ownership of this island has been a long part of its development over the past 300 years. It started with Columbus' naming the 34 square km area for Spain. Then different people kept showing up and killing each other in circumstantial situations, finally landing at the split French-Dutch allocation. For a brief stint during the Napoleonic wars, Britain owned it, but that dissolved after only ten years, and it went right back to the assortment we have today.

Information is more fun to read when it's beautiful. I've designed these charts and maps with hours of research, reassembling data into a brain-friendly aesthetic. I edit the information significantly, avoiding the "dazzle" effect which occurs when our eyes are battered with too much information. Letterpress makes it even more gorgeous.

Letterpress is a very complicated and expensive printing method that I am obsessed with. All letterpress prints are slammed with 600 pounds of pressure, creating a deep, tactile texture. The ink gets embedded into the thick soft paper so it won't fade within your lifetime. Read more about letterpress printing here.


Your local frame shop is going to do a better job than anyone else. There's a reason this craft endures and cannot be automated: It's skilled work that is best done face-to-face in physical space.

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