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Rhode Island is my home state! It’s a place where there’s only one degree of separation and everyone knows everyone else’s business. It’s a place where a 20 minute drive feels like a cross-country voyage.

Some of my favorite things about Rhode Island (all sugary drinks)":

Coffee milk: Remember the little cartons of milk in elementary school? We had three flavors: Plain, Chocolate and Coffee. That’s right, coffee-flavored milk that they give to children. Most graduate to Dunkin Donuts around age 13.

If you go into a Dunkin Donuts in RI and ask for your coffee “extra extra”, that’s the shorthand for “extra cream, extra sugar”, and yes it’s as gross/delicious as it sounds.

Frozen Lemonade: This is basically a slushie that is lemonade flavored, but it comes in other flavors, which are also called frozen lemonade. You are encouraged to mix the flavors. It is offensively sweet.

Awful Awful: This is a specific milkshake from a slowly crumbling diner empire called Newport Creamery. I remember when we moved to the state, it’s the first place we went. This milkshake is ice milk-based and goes down easy.

Bubbler: You know a water fountain? That you drink from? Rhode Islanders call it a “bubbler” for absolutely no reason and it’s irritated me since I was a child.


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