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Great Lakes Map Print

Great Lakes Map Print

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The Great Lakes Region is one of the most robust and beautiful areas of North America. I wondered what it would look like to make a map from the lakes' perspectives. What towns and cities mean most to the lakes, and how is everything connected? We usually cut them off at the USA/Canada border, or alter the lakes' shapes with the state boundaries. 

Information is more fun to read when it's beautiful. I've designed these charts and maps with hours of research, reassembling data into a brain-friendly aesthetic. I edit the information significantly, avoiding the "dazzle" effect which occurs when our eyes are battered with too much information. Letterpress makes it even more gorgeous.

Letterpress is a very complicated and expensive printing method that I am obsessed with. All letterpress prints are slammed with 600 pounds of pressure, creating a deep, tactile texture. The ink gets embedded into the thick soft paper so it won't fade within your lifetime. Read more about letterpress printing here.

Have you noticed that frame shops never go out of business? There's a reason. It's a highly specialized skill that requires individual attention. We recommend using your local framer.

Alternatively, has standard sized frames with many options. 

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