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My favorite room in the house is also the one that requires extensive instructions to operate. My biggest pet peeve in the age of technology is using my food-covered fingers to search for really specific information about the kitchen. Usually I don't trust the first result, so pore over several ad-filled pages before I'm confident I know what I need...and then I usually am so delayed I get frustrated and screw something up. 

Famous food writer Jamie Feldmar and I developed this chart, using broad strokes to answer some of the most referential questions you might have in the kitchen. Included is:

Hard/Soft boiled egg timing
Shelf life
Meat cooking temperatures
Oil smoke points

This is a first version, so if you have any ideas for things to add, let me know at 

11.5"x17" Letterpress printed, fits on most refrigerators. 

Pairs well with Fish, Beef and Pork