Sales Associate (swing shifts) for hire, Archie's Press 

4-6 shifts/month, mostly on Thursdays & Fridays. Schedules will be determined 1 month in advance. 

Learn how to run a successful letterpress and design business!

  • Archie's Press is hiring a shopkeeper for their East Village shop who knows, or is interested in learning, how to letterpress print. For 12 years, Archie's Press has produced and sold letterpress prints of conceptual maps and charts in-store, online and at shops around the world. Our retail shop carries printed work from other very talented designers and artists. This job involves shopkeeping and letterpress printing. You will learn the basics of running a small business and get some exposure to the art and design fields. You'll also become a fixture in the East Village. 
Responsibilities and duties:
  • Greeting customers and helping them find something they love. 
  • Aesthetic curation on shelves and walls, merchandising. 
  • Processing sales through shopify POS. 
  • Pricing inventory.
  • Window design.
  • Cleaning/Tidying.
  • Printing custom print jobs and scheduling proofs with clients. 
  • Reprints of certain in-store products. 
  • Reliable.
  • Friendly.
  • Generally competent. 
  • Punctual. 
  • Not easily overwhelmed. 
  • Knowledge of letterpress printing (or a BIG urge to learn). 
  • Neat and tidy. 
  • Proper hygiene. 
  • Visual Merchandising skills are a big plus. 
  • Knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite
Access to Vandercook SP-15 with 13"x19" boxcar base and inks, paper cutter (access is granted with a specific schedule and proven competency). Access to a letterpress is very expensive, so this job is for someone who is going to use this perk! 
With 12 years of experience bootstrapping and growing a small business, Archie can help guide you in your quest. 
Please send the following to archie@archiespress.com with (your name) JOB APPLICATION in the subject line.
  • Why do you want this job? 
  • Resumé
  • Experience in retail (if any).
  • Experience in Letterpress Printing (or why you would want to learn).
  • Ambition or interest in any of the following industries: Design, Art, Small Business, Shopkeeping, Printing. 
Average daily checklist:
  • Arrive at store, open gates all the way up. 
  • Pull out ramp.
  • Sweep inside. Sweep front. 
  • Turn on iPad and swiper. 
  • Reorganize Archie's Press prints. 
  • "Fluff" shelves, respace everything, make it look nice. Rearrange if it looks stale. 
  • To-do list will include special print projects, rearranging the walls, working on some new print ideas for the shop, designing the window display etc.